Miniature Galloways come in three types and three colour combinations. 

There are Miniature White Galloways; these are white cattle with a variety of different coloured points (muzzle, eyes, ears and hooves). Miniature White Galloways with black ears, eyes and nose are the most common, but there are Miniature White Galloways with dun and red points.

There are the Miniature Galloway cattle - they have solid coloured coats. Black coloured Galloways are the most common, but there is dun, and red Galloways also.

There are Miniature Belted Galloways with coats that have a white band (belt) around their middles. Black coloured Belted Galloways with a white belt are the most common, but there is dun and red belted Galloways also.

Three Colours of Miniature Galloway Cattle

Colour range includes black, dun and red.

Black - deep black sometimes with a reddish tinge on the longer coats and when calves are young.

Dun -  from almost chocolate through to silver dun.

Red - from deep red through to almost strawberry.