Our GOLD CREEK Miniature White Galloway cattle are the perfect family paddock pet. Their docile nature and their good looks make these miniature cattle easy to handle and an attractive addition to any property. On small acreage they make great pets and docile lawn mowers (5 acres and under). On larger hobby farms and lifestyle properties they can make maintenance and management a whole lot easier (ten acres and over).

If you buy your Miniature Galloway cattle from a breeder who has been able to spend plenty of time handling the cattle then keeping them as pets is easy from day one. The cattle will be very used to people and being handled. You may have to pay more for these quieter, well-trained cattle as a lot of time and energy goes into the process.

Quieten Them Yourself

If you choose to buy Miniature Galloway cattle that haven't been handled regularly from a young age, you can still keep them as pets, you will just need to quieten them yourself. The docile nature of the Galloway means that with time and patience you should be able to 'make friends' with these cattle fairly easily. You can also train these new cattle to lead with a halter. It will take time and patience but it will be very rewarding.

If you want more information about exactly what to look for when talking to breeders about buying Miniature Galloways as pets there are some helpful questions at  Docile, Quiet, Super Quiet.


GOLD CREEK Storm Boy is beautiful pure bred bull calf. He is the first pure bred bull from our grading up program - a total pet.