The benefits of Miniature Cattle

Miniature cattle are becoming increasingly popular with small acreage owners for fairly obvious reasons. However, there is also a ground swell of interest in miniature cattle from commercial breeders and gourmet butchers in Australia. Some restaurants are asking for cuts from miniature or smaller framed breeds in particular and from particular small framed and miniature breeds.

Smaller Cattle Make Everything Easier

As a rule, many of the people looking to buy miniature cattle are small acreage owners, tree changers and families on small farms. They are looking for small cattle that are easy to handle and don't require a lot of expensive infrastructure. The smaller size of the miniature cattle make them for popular with first time livestock owners because they appear less intimidating to first timers. Quite often it will be women and children who will be responsible for looking after the cattle, so the smaller size is important.

Size matters for other reasons too. The smaller size of the individual animals means they require less space per head physically and they consume less pasture. Also of interest is that beef producers are now discovering the cut out rate on smaller cattle is actually higher than the cut out rate of their larger counterparts. Good news for breeders and butchers. Restaurateurs wanting to make their mark with signature beef dishes are now asking for Galloway beef by name.Nemo_june2012

Working bull in excellent condition on pasture alone. Loves his job, loves his food.

Greater Contact - More Docile

Miniature cattle generally have more contact with people and therefore become easier to handle. All miniature cattle are comparatively gentle on their environment, with less pugging and damage to fences.

Why Choose Miniature Galloway Cattle?

Miniature Galloway cattle are ideal because they offer the afore mentioned qualities and they are especially docile non selective grazers. As non selective grazers Galloway cattle are renown for doing well on marginal pasture.

Galloways Increasingly Popular

Miniature White Galloway cattle are becoming more popular as more people realise these cattle are significantly more docile than most other small breeds and ... well, they are just simply more attractive.

Bottom line, when it comes to miniature cattle, the Miniature Galloway is the high value, much sought after breed in Australia.