Registered  Purebred White Galloway Cattle

Like the full blood cattle, the number of purebred Miniature White Galloway cattle in Australia is also small. There is, in fact, an even smaller number of purebred Miniature White Galloways registered as 'Active' in Australia. We aim to significantly improve on that number too. Purebred Galloway cattle can be registered and shown on equal footing with full blood Galloways. 

Top  Quality  Purebred  Cattle

We have a small number of purebred cows. To increase the numbers of purebred cattle in Australia, we have embarked on a very ambitious purebred Miniature White Galloway breeding programme. It is our aim to breed as many gorgeous purebred Miniature White Galloways as we possibly can. 

We had our first GOLD CREEK purebred calf, born and bred on the property in 2014 (GOLD CREEK Kismet).     

Huggie Kis 2014

Our aim with this breeding programme is to have small, good quality, Miniature White Galloway cattle. Miniature Galloways that, through our meticulous purebred breeding programme, can eventually lead to progeny that can be registered as purebred Miniature White Galloways. These will be purebred Miniature White Galloway cattle that can claim top quality genetics.


Carefree Purebred heifer Gold Creek Echuca at twelve months old in 2010.

Every year the progeny of each generation is listed and their details are recorded. The progeny can only be registered as purebred when they reach the purebred standards.

pure bred two years

'Babysitting' duty. Echuca's sister is the small black-eared fluff ball in the grass. 2011

pure bred miniature cattle plus calf

Pure Bred cow Gold Creek Echuca with her very own black heifer calf. 2012

The Technical Details

Technically speaking, until the cattle in our breeding programme reach purebred status, they are referred to as Miniature White Galloway listed 'grades'. The be clear, the details of graded cattle are 'listed' or 'recorded' with a Galloway association or society, as opposed to being registered (as is the case of full blood and purebred cattle). Even Miniature Galloway cattle registered as 'purebred' (93%+) continue to have the letters GRD (grade) recorded as part of their ancestral code. This is because a purebred Galloway can never reach 100% no matter how many generations pass.

All bulls used in any Galloway purebred breeding programme, including ours, have to be DNA tested. Their DNA profile and their breeding details must be recorded in a Galloway association or society herd book and bulls must test free of certain diseases. The breeding details of all females also have to be recorded and cows must test free of certain diseases for the breeding programme to be legitimate. All cattle registered or recorded with an Australian Galloway Association or Society, are on a public record. These records can be viewed online or verified by simply contacting either group. For more detailed information on the grading up process go to Purebred Grading Up Program.

When We Were Starting Out

Miniature White Galloways are, in our opinion, the best breed of miniature cattle in Australia. However, they were not the smallest or the most readily available of the miniature cattle breeds when we started out. The size issue has changed in recent years with established breeders in both Queensland and New South Wales having recently bred much smaller full blood and purebred Miniature White Galloways. It is still difficult to purchase purebred, Miniature White Galloways - especially females.

When we started out full blood females of any size were difficult to come by and we wanted to build up our herd numbers. We also wanted to bring down the size of the individual herd members, while still retaining all the good qualities of the Miniature White Galloway. First and foremost we wanted the smaller Miniature White Galloway cattle in the purebred breeding programme to be a stand alone animal of high-value right from the very start.

The calves in our purebred breeding programme are small, white and have black points - ears, eyes, nose, and hooves. To date, they all have beautiful white, full or medium length coats. From the outset, they were smaller than our full blood cattle and just as docile and friendly. The 2011 heifer calves seemed impossibly small at birth, but they have all grown up strong and lively.

These three little heifers were very popular with visitors throughout 2012 and 2013. In fact, as 2013 rolled along, it was proving difficult to keep them here because everyone wanted to take one home with them! After waiting so long for them, we are very reluctant to part with any of our little 'girls'.

In January 2014 GOLD CREEK Huggie (an 87.5% grade) had her first calf - a heifer. GOLD CREEK Kismet is our first GOLD CREEK purebred calf from this breeding programme. Huggie calved early one morning, totally unassisted and was busily cleaning her beautiful little heifer before we were out of bed.

The Future

As our breeding programme progresses, we become more and more impressed with the progeny of these smaller Miniature White Galloway graded cattle. There was great excitement when we were able to register our very own GOLD CREEK Purebred Miniature White Galloway from this programme. This process takes quite some time - a minimum of five generations using a full blood Miniature White Galloway with every generation.


We waited so long to see this little face - well worth the wait. GOLD CREEK Kismet purebred.

We look forward to seeing the progeny of each generation as the little heifers come of age. As time moves on, we are always on the lookout for very small full blood Miniature White Galloway bulls to join with these heifers.

For more detailed information on the purebred breeding programme's grading up process click: Purebred Grading Up Program 


Purebred heifer from full blood cow and the purebred bull Glenyr Cannon Boy.

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